Yuri Lev is a New Jersey-based photographer whose work tells stories of life from around the world. From the dog sleds in Siberia to the gondolas in Venice, from the calm waves of the Adriatic Sea to the rooftops of Manhattan, the photographs show the mindful perspective of a world traveler with an eye for beauty and life in the most unusual of places. Yuri Lev's photographs tell tales in a universal language, celebrating the diversity of nature and culture through textured photographs of leaves, buildings, traditions, animals and people.

Yuri Lev was born in Leningrad, Russia and spent the greater part of his life living in Moscow. Throughout his career he has changed professions many times and has worked in turns as a geological surveyor, computer programmer, theater photographer, and photojournalist. He has traveled all across the Soviet Union in the creation of his projects. He visited and lived in such exotic and remote places as the Sakhalin Island; Chukotka (the Arctic part of Siberia close to Alaska) and Central Asia.

In 1985, Yuri Lev established his own studio, where he taught classes of photography. His works have appeared in major publications such as Life and The New York Times Magazine as well as other American and Russian magazines. Exhibitions of his work have been held in Moscow, New York, Washington, Boston, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Mexico. He now resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with his wife Olga, cat and dog.